About Clarion Consulting

An Overview
  • In 1997 we formed Clarion Consulting, implementing an innovative strategy to provide real estate and financial solutions for existing retail locations.
  • Our two complementary service lines, RETAIL PROPERTY RESOLUTION (RPR), first developed in 1993, and ASSET VALUE ENHANCEMENT (AVE), which we introduced in 2000, have been expanded and refined with the completion of hundreds of transactions in over 40 states.
  • Clarion Consulting’s intensive, long-term experience, added to the diversified skills of a truly remarkable executive team, has made RPR and AVE symbols for win-win results for our clients and the shopping center owner.
  • Our Executive Team works hands-on to bring customized problem-solving to every project. We act as our client’s independent, professional advocate.

Proven process
  • Clarion Consulting provides tailor-made comprehensive services that are client and location-specific.
  • We work closely with our clients to fully understand their needs and define any and all challenges.
  • We create solutions, and we negotiate and document these solutions to completion.
  • We produce results, not just reports.

CLARION’S advocacy is driven by an extraordinary commitment and accountability for long-term, store-by-store resolutions for our clients. RESOLUTION is the hallmark of our work.


Since 1997 Clarion Consulting has discreetly served many of the largest retailers in America without fanfare.    We don’t broadcast on the web the level of client-specific services provided and the results achieved.    Our clients appreciate this uncommon restraint.