Our Services

Analysis, Consensus, Negotiation, Resolution and Documentation

In a rapidly changing, intensely competitive retail environment, our proactive and creative strategies of RETAIL PROPERTY RESOLUTION and ASSET VALUE ENHANCEMENT reposition each assigned store to compete and succeed at an optimal level. Our customized solutions improve both the individual store and the company’s ROIC and EBITDA.

Clarion’s Services Include:

  • Analytical review of stores, shopping centers, trade areas and lease documentation
  • Strategic planning, assessing all options and each side’s situation which is customized for each location
  • Action plan in consensus with client’s needs to achieve optimal outcome
  • Negotiation that is marked by a proactive focus, knowledge, flexibility,
    innovation and resolve
  • Detailed financial analysis and executive reports; their frequency and content are designed for each project and client’s requirements.
  • Documentation of the resolution with a lease amendment or new lease


Value-Added Components

In addition to savings, CLARION has secured a variety of “value-added” components for their clients which include:

  • Store expansion (or reduction)
  • Fa├žade, shopping center, and parking lot upgrades (re-paving, striping, lighting, landscaping, and signage)
  • Securing pharmacy sales rights, drive-up windows, pharmacy kiosk rights, exclusive or co-exclusive sales rights
  • Securing fuel center rights and negotiating terms and conditions
  • Restructuring of lease options
  • Securing additional extension options
  • Elimination of onerous lease clauses (operating covenants, use restrictions, limitation on assignment, subleasing, and store sale)
  • Reworking of REA’s and client-favorable landlord leasing restrictions
  • Working with governmental entities to obtain curb cuts, medians, or traffic lights
  • Fundamental restructuring of client-landlord relationship to fuse the interests of our client and the landlord (e.g. conversion of space lease into long-term ground lease)
  • Purchase of store and/or center for client’s portfolio, including accommodating the landlord/seller’s 1031 exchange